One day I might come up with a more imaginative title for this page. Of course, I may not.

Books By Me - For Kids.

New! Strawberry Scoreberries A fun picture book for pre-schoolers! What happens when a strawberry gets a bump? STRAWBERRY SORE BERRY! You get the idea. Oh, and the berries enjoy a game of football too!

Mr. Starfish has got his own page

MaJaTo Scribes

MaJaTo Scribes is a collection of some of my unpublished and unpolished stories and poems. The stories on here are categorised as Sci-Fi, Coffee Break Fiction, and Word Limit Fiction. 
There are also a few silly rhymes for kids of all ages to enjoy (no, these were not penned by our rhyming friend,Mr. Starfish!)

In Print

Time Flies When The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease - Story 189 in Tritely Challenged Volume 2 - 100 cliché crammed flash fiction stories written by 100 different authors.

The Lake Between - Story 78 in Prepositionally Challenged - 100 flash fiction stories with EVERY sentence ending in  preposition.

Always Read The Label: Caring For Your Smalls And Delicates - Story 255 in Nonsensically Challenged Volume 3 - 100 flash fiction stories stuffed with nonsense!

Short Stories on the web

Value for Money (@ Raven Electrick. This was my first ever paid story, way back in 2002)

Lost The Thread (Story 074 @  Christopher Fielden's News Challenge)

Ther are plenty more short stories at MaJaTo Scribes. 

Word Limit Flash Fiction on the web

Short stories with an exact word limit.

Suburbia (50 word limit @ 50WordStories)

Resolutions (50 word limit @ 50WordStories)

A Great Feat (81 word limit @ Christopher Fielden's 81word challenge- Story 527)

In The Moment (100 word limit @ Friday Flash Fiction)

Doggone (100 word limit @ Friday Flash Fiction)

Brown And Sticky (100 word limit @ Friday Flash Fiction)

After Dinner Racing (100 word limit @ Friday Flash Fiction)

Hold Up In Traffic (100 word limit @ Friday Flash Fiction)

Stained By Life (100 word limit @ Friday Flash Fiction)