Mr. Starfish

The Christmas Starfish

Mr. Starfish's first story, The Christmas Starfish, is available to buy NOW!

A seasonal favourite

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? 
Spongebob Square Pants, obviously! 
Who makes a wish with a Christmas tree? 
The rhyming echinoderm, Mr. Starfish-y!

Okay, I can't rhyme as well as our friend, Mr. Starfish, but I do get the joy of converting his tales in to stories for all the family to enjoy.

The Christmas Starfish was first published way back in 2014, several years after I first penned the story. As a perfectionist and a procrastinator (double whammy!), I wasn't happy with it. It needed a tweak but I was too busy getting NorfolkPlaces off the ground, so it got parked. With 2020 being such a challenging year it seemed like the right time for this story to be shared once more, so in a flury of acvitity I did a spot of editing, a little bit of magic and voila!
 I'm not really as illustrator (though both my Grandad's were artists, so I guess it is in the blood), and I had contemplated getting a proper illustrator to do the artwork. After much reflection I decided to stick with my own illustrations because I think there's a certain charm these drawings. They'll certainly be easier for young readers to draw their own versions!